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The Golden Rainbow Prayer

written by Judy Cali

I am One with All in the Heart of Creator as Source.

As I feel the Divine Light of Love move through all my Sacred Bodies, Minds & Hearts, my Radiant Light forms a Golden Rainbow of all Healing Colors of Creation.

I stand in the Truth of Who I Am & my Divine Vocation with Joy as Source.

I send this Golden Rainbow of Love, from my Sacred Heart to all Sacred Hearts I am here to touch, with all my Golden Gifts, Talents, Abilities, Skills & Tools as I see Points of Light GLOW all over GAIA

As they receive my Golden Rainbow into their Sacred Hearts, I know as Source, I will guide all those I am here to touch & be touched by, with the Spiritual Integrity of Who I Am, easily, effortlessly & through Divine Grace.

I Smile as I feel I have fulfilled my Divine Intention.

As Source I feel Whole, Complete, Perfect & One with All in DIVINE PEACE