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The Path of the Sacred Heart

It is 1949, I am 3 years old and in an operating room at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, Calif. As the surgeon is performing Open Heart Surgery, I look into his eyes and I see he realizes I am feeling pain and his compassion opens my Sacred Heart. Little or no anaesthesia is used on Children for surgery. As I look to my left I see 2 tanks of blood and I know I am dying. I see a passageway of light and a man is walking towards me glowing. I know him, it is Jesus. He takes me by the hand and shows me I will have a baby brother born, with club feet, in about 6 months. Jesus asks me if I want to stay with him or go back into my body. I remember saying, "I do not want my brother to be alone." This is my 1st of 4 Near Death Experiences.

2 months later I am standing in my Grandparents front yard. It is summer and I am having fun saying Hi to people as they walk by the fence. A little girl, 4 years old, stands on the sidewalk and sees my surgery scar, on my chest, under my left breast and halfway up my back. I ask her, "Do you want to see my operation?" She nods yes and I turn around so she can see it all. She asks me, "Do you want to see my scar?" I nod yes. She lifts her left sleeve and I see an arm of mangled skin. With tears in my eyes I feel her pain and shame. She says, "A vaporizer exploded and burned my arm and it hurts." I ask her if I can touch her arm and she nods yes. I put my hand on her mangled skin and so much emotion wells up inside of me. I realize that I am the first person to touch her arm. She says her arm feels better. My journey as a Healer had begun. The little girl then touches my scar with tears in her eyes and I feel better. Two Healers, in child bodies, touching each other in our Sacred Hearts.

It is 1953, I am 7 years old and I meet Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of The Church of Religious Science. He is a guest speaker at The Reseda Walk In Theatre in Reseda, Calif. My family became members of the Church. Positive Thinking, Energy of Body, Mind, Spirit and Immortality were taught. Also ALL IS POSSIBLE in the Sacred Heart of The Creator and this Heart is at the base of our throat. I started reading about Mysticism, Metaphysics and Heaven. I realized as a child that my Sacred Heart was leading me to make different choices than my family or friends.

Mother Earth, as a Sentient Being, has made a decision to expand herself from 3rd to 5th Dimension. Her choice has also become our choice as Ascension affects all life and souls. Each soul here, at this time, has agreed to be here in alignment with their I AM PRESENCE. Your I AM PRESENCE is the highest wisdom of your soul. In general, 3rd dimension is experienced as Duality and Fear based choices. This keeps us operating in our Ego Head and separate from our Divinity and Truth. We can see ourselves as a victim and totally powerless. Our bodies are denser and carbon based with a few strands of DNA and around 10% brain capacity.

Mother Earth is NOW in 4th Dimension. In this experience we get clear on being discerning and recognizing what a loving or unloving choice is for ourselves. We choose what Honors us and our Sacred Heart.

When a choice is to be made, ask the Sacred Heart the question, then feel if the Heart Energy expands & feels good, then the answer is YES. If the Heart constricts and feels uncomfortable, then the answer is NO not now. In the 5th Dimension, Ascended Mastery Gifts awaken, and we are operating from our Sacred Heart more than 51% of the time. Our choices expand our Heart Light with Love and we recognize that we are all ONE CREATOR FAMILY and delight in our full Empowerment. We are aware that as Vibrational Beings we attract exactly what we are expressing and choose to live as a Light Creator. There is NO Disease or Illness and we are Sovereign Beings. Our bodies have become Crystalline with lots of strands of DNA, full brain capacity and we are aware of our Multi-Dimensional Selves. We also discover that no matter what the issue is, Self Love is the answer. We are unable to give to another if we are empty inside. As we Love ourselves 100%, we expand our Sacred Hearts and have lots to share.

For almost 50 years I continued to work with The Ascended Masters and Angels. I did not share with anyone the work I did. It was Private between me and my Creator Self. In 1999, Ascended Master of The Emerald Ray of Healing, Hilarion, asked me to go public, so in a few years, I did. I Honored my Clarion Call. Since I went public with my Intuitive Reading, Healing and Channeling Gifts, I have moved 8x in 8 years.

It is December 2008 and Adama, Lemurian High Priest of Telos in Inner Earth, asks me if I would consider moving to Mount Shasta, Calif in 2 years to help form a community called, "Heart to Heart." I said YES. Then in May of 2009, Adama asked me if I could make it this year instead of 2010. Again I said YES. So in July, I moved to Mount Shasta. In Dec 2009, Babaji explained to me that the Universal, Cosmic work I did with my Prayer Partner, 4 weeks previously, changed my potentials. So on Jan 9th, 2010 I left Mt. Shasta & drove to Berryville, Arkansas, my new home for NOW. My life reflects trust says Mother Mary.

The Sacred Heart has been my guiding force. I absolutely Love what I do and I continue to work with people all over the world. Our Sacred Heart is our connection to our Creator Self and holds the Akashic Records, our Divine Blueprints & all our life experiences we are living now. In The Sacred Heart is HOME.

This article was published in a Newspaper in Mount Shasta, CA in December 2009.

From my Sacred Heart to Yours,
Judy Cali