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The Golden Dolphins & Whales

The Dolphins really showed up when I was in Sedona, Arizona, attending a Psychic Seminar put on by Dick Sutphen in the early 1980's. We were going to the different canyons. I chose Bell Canyon. As I climbed the rock, I was alone and expecting the Native American energy that all were talking about. As I was feeling the energy, I noticed that if I turned a certain way with my body, I tuned in at a higher frequency and the energy was very different and more powerful for me. So, I sat in this energy and then I saw lots of Dolphins leaping up in the air all around me. I was so enchanted seeing such a spectacular sight. I could feel such love all around me. I sat there for over 30 minutes just witnessing such exquisite beauty as the Dolphins danced. The Dolphins then let me know that Bell Canyon had been under water before and was a Sacred Gathering Place, many years ago for them. When I got back to California, where I lived at the time, I was guided to a Public Aquarium and they had a section with books. A book by Rick O'Berry was calling me. He was the man, who assisted capturing the 5 Dolphins that were used to be Flipper in the TV Series. He went from catching Dolphins to being an advocate, including going to jail, trying to stop this practice and allowing the Dolphins to remain in the sea. I cried deep sobs as I could feel the pain around the Cetaceans being separated from their pod families in captivity. I had been a contributor to the Jacque Cousteau Society for many years, so ocean life had always spoken directly to my heart.

In the late 1980's, the Dolphins told me and showed me, in meditation, that I carry all the colors of the Rainbow within my heart from both sides of the veil as one of my healing gifts. I then had a feeling I had been a Dolphin and I could feel my heart open to this truth. I continued to feel the call of the Dolphins and the Whales in my Sacred Heart. Dolphins started showing me themselves, in metallic colors. I could feel the Golden, Platinum, Silver, etc. Dolphin and Whale energy and felt this had to do with the Golden Age and ushering in the Era of Peace. I am also clear that they came from another planet especially to show us that we are Divine Beings of Joy. In the late 1990's, I was living in Lenox, Massachusetts and Ascended Master Hilarion, Master of Healing, asked me to go public with my gifts in a few years. I had been doing healing work with the Ascended Masters and Angels since I was 3 years old. This came about through Open Heart Surgery in 1949, and a near death experience. While I was recuperating, I felt an awareness that, if I could put my hand on someones heart, they would feel better. I made it a point to touch people lovingly and gently whenever possible to share this gift. So, I was quite surprised, to be asked to do healing work, and also felt unprepared, since I had no credentials or formal healing training. Hilarion told me I did not need it and I was just to do what I had been doing since I was a little girl. I told him that I did not think of myself as a Healer. He asked me, "So what is it you think a Healer does?." I told him I had seen Healers on TV, touch people on their forehead and they fell back onto the floor. He laughed. I told him that what I did was very different. I was just sending love and seeing the Divine Perfection of each soul. This, along with putting my hands on people, had been a private knowing between my God-self and me for over 45 years, I had not told anyone that I did this. He reassured me I was more than prepared. So in a few years I did honor my Clarion Call.

In 2005, I was living in Boynton Beach, Florida, when I received a phone call from a Producer's Assistant with NBC. She had read an article about me and my work in a local newspaper. NBC wanted me to come to Bimini, as a Psychic, and to be part of a Documentary on Atlantis and The Bermuda Triangle that was to be shown on the Sci-fi Channel. (It still is, occasionally). A few days before I left on the trip, I was guided to a website that offers dolphin swims in the wild in The Hawaiian Islands. On the lady's website are a lot of photos of Dolphins and also photos of Andara Crystals. As I was looking at the photos, I was told that 2 of the dolphins were my Lemurian sisters. I put my hand on the computer screen and sent them love as tears were running down my face. So, I emailed the lady and shared with her what I was told and also that I also worked with Andara Crystals. She emailed me back, so excited, and said that these 2 particular Dolphins are always around her and assisting her with the dolphin swims, like partners. She also shared with me some of her experiences with Andara Crystals. I cried with recognition, that this was further confirmation, that I had been a Dolphin before and I had just connected with 2 of my sisters. (In a more expanded understanding, I feel we are actually living all our experiences now, in Oneness). So I went for 3 days to Bimini, courtesy of NBC, to participate in the Documentary.

On Day 2, we were on a boat and snorkeling, when it was suggested for the group to go and see "The Road To Atlantis" as it is called, by the locals. I had no interest in seeing the road. I was meditating with my Andara Crystal and it was guiding me to spend time, under water, with these huge stones on the floor of the ocean. One huge stone was shaped very different from all the rest around it. As I was feeling the stone, I saw 6 Golden Dolphins leaping and clicking with delight in front of me. They were showing me Atlantis and a doorway of understanding, like a Portal. I saw 3 Golden Dolphins on each side of this doorway framing it, like curtains on a stage. I then saw 3 huge Pyramids with Capstones, surrounded by water, in a circular design and they told me what I was to share with the NBC Producer for the Documentary and other info I was not to have shared on TV. So I had a private talk with the Producer and explained what the Golden Dolphins were showing and telling me. She was quite surprised that Golden Dolphins were talking to me, but she agreed to only put part of what I was told into the Documentary. She saw my Andara Crystal and became quite excited. I told her that the Andara Crystal, in Lavender and pink, is one of the most powerful Crystals on the Planet and that it had guided me to the stone where I experienced the Golden Dolphins. So she had some photos taken of me holding the Andara Crystal which is part of the Documentary.

I could feel Golden Whale energy all around me, like a big hug, supporting my energy body with love. The Golden Dolphins and Whales feel, to me, like the I AM PRESENCE does. It feels like the Master-Self expressing. I have since been working with the Platinum Dolphins and Whales and feel they are also part of the Ascension codes and Awakening for 11/11/11.

Mother Mary has been assisting me with my path and all my moves. In August of 2011, I moved again from Arkansas to La Quinta, Calif. This was my 10th move in 9 years due to the work I do. I feel very Blessed to work with people, all over the world, by phone, email and when possible, in person. I absolutely love what I do and the amazing messages I am able to share from my Sacred Heart to theirs. I feel the constant love and support from the Cetaceans and I am deeply grateful for all the realms of beings I interact with, including The Ascended Masters and Angels. I am seeing a Golden Dolphin giggling as I type this. You may invite The Golden Dolphins & Whales to help guide you and see where it takes you. I feel them in the Light of my Heart!!!

Blessings, Gratitude and Grace,
Judy Cali